Swot analysis of nirma shudh salt

The company, Nirma is also providing sales promotions to promote their brands like: So it is concluded that there is no shortage of the stock for Nirma Shudh Salt.

Study of Indian Salt Industry

Slowly and gradually, price-conscious housewives became eager buyer of this homemade and low-priced Rs. It has successfully managed to defeat many MNC with this policy and at this turf.

Once a consumer gets a certain branded salt free with another purchase, the housewives may just continue with the brand. A chi- square test for independence has been conducted for knowing the relation between the area and the preference towards salts. It controls leasing of all Central Government land for salt manufacture along with planning the production targets.

Both the above brands are positioned on the health platform, and are priced at a significant premium to normal salt brands. It has not only emerged victorious in its core competency, detergents, but has also successfully moved on into newer products.

Prehistoric man obtained salt from the meat of hunted animals. While a mere two per cent of the country's salt is manufactured by the 11 public sector and joint sector undertakings -- Hindustan Salt Works Kharaghoda and MandiExperimental Salt Farm Bhavnagarthe Tamil Nadu Salt Corporation and Sambhar Salts-- a whopping 98 per cent is in the hands of the private, co-operative and unorganized sector.

Tata Salt and Annapurna have gained market share at the expense of Captain Cook, which has lost around four per cent market share to 11 per cent due to erratic supply over the past one year. There is a huge market for the loose salt because of its cheapest price.

More stress is put on Television. Shri Karshanbhai Patel's vision introduced a new philosophy or approach, which held that better quality, can be offered even at lower prices.

nirma marmik

It has three plants in Maharashtra, Gujarat and Tamil Nadu. Salt, in short, is a preserver health. The salt is enriched with low sodium content and minerals. According to ORGMARG's retail store audit data for Aprilthe size of the iodized branded salt market is estimated at 15 lakh tones per annum by value, about Rs croreand is estimated to be growing at 20 per cent annually.

Less presence in premium segment. Environmental — What environmental and ecological facets, both locally and farther afield, are likely to predetermine the business.

Sodium helps to maintain insulin sensitivity towards blood glucose. The company has just the cost of establishing the plant. The only brand where there is an overlap is Captain Cook in the staple food categories of salt and atta.

What composes a threat of substitute products and services.

Study of Indian Salt Industry

The ORG-MARG retail audit showed that the 15 lakh tones domestic branded salt market would witness stiff competition among popular brands such as Dandi, Surya and Nature Fresh as they try to grab a comfortable share, each with intensive marketing strategies and advertisement campaigns. Entry into the South Indian market where there is a huge market for edible salt, which is not, captured by any national player and occupied by the unorganized sector.

Well, if there's one commoditised brand that has been outperforming others such as atta, sugar, rice and staples, it is good old salt. Per capita consumption of salt in the country is estimated at about 12 kg.

Sodium Chloride melts at very high 10temperature, at still higher temperatures it evaporates and at white heat it volatilizes forming thick clouds.

SWOT Analysis of FMCG Sector

Since then, the country has never resorted to imports. Even though Nirma was a late entrant in in the highly competitive toilet shop market, it is already the second largest manufacturer, selling close to 1,06, MT of bathing soaps in.

7. Aashirvaad salt. It is acquired by evaporating salty water in shallow basins with the help of wind and sunlight.

The Background Of Nirma Washing Powder Marketing Essay

Iodine is added in the salt. It is a brand of ITC group that produce and sell high-quality salt. _____ 8. Nirma Shudh.

Patanjali SWOT Analysis, Competitors & USP

The salt was launched in and is a quality product obtained by Nirma. The salt provides many health benefits. Nirma Case Study Presented by: Abhishek Sabharwal(08EMP) Utilizamos seu perfil e dados de atividades no LinkedIn para personalizar e exibir anúncios mais relevantes.

The company Nirma has following strength and weakness. Lacking in the export hazemagmaroc.com ANALYSIS OF NIRMA SHUDH SALT A scan of the internal and external environment is an important part of the strategic planning process.

which will help the company to decide about the future planning for their success in their edible salt business. Expert views 9. SWOT analysis Major findings Suggestion Conclusion 3. Company Analysis of NIRMA NIRMAINTRODUCTION: Nirma is a group of companies based in the city of Ahmedabad in western India thatmanufactures products ranging from cosmetics, soaps, detergents, salt.

Consumer Products - Salt: Nirma has over the years introduced products in toiletries and personal care with soaps, shampoos and toothpaste, thus offering the consumer a complete product portfolio. Nirma Shudh Salt, manufactured with state-of-art production facilities, using the vacuum drying process, is the only salt in the country to be.

DESCRIPTION. Differentiation strategy for Nirma Nirma is one of the few names - which is instantly recognized as a true Indian brand.

Swot analysis of nirma shudh salt
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