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He was imprisoned in Peru for three years, then transferred to Spain. Item I give unto my daughter Joane my two leases of Plimouth after two yeares, after my decease and in the meane while ten poundes a yeare for her maintenance, for the land whereas my son John is at sea if it please God he doe not returne home with life, it is my will that it should remaine unto my sonne Richard.

In May he was summoned before the Admiralty Court in London to answer complaints about his handling of a Spanish cargo captured by Dutch privateers, though he was cleared of any impropriety. Moreover, when major cases did come to trial in Devon, the vice-admiral counted as just one of many local justices; in June Hawkins had to ignore an Admiralty order concerning a particular pirate because his fellow magistrates insisted on trying him themselves.

There were five ships in company: Other children, all born in England, and said to be born to Richard and Betsey were: Three months later he sued his successor as vice-admiral, Sir Richard Cowper, alleging numerous abuses of office, though if he expected to be restored to office he was mistaken.

They live on after him — a vivid account of life at sea and the discovery of new lands in the Elizabethan Sir richard hawkins a biography. The book received a singular transformation in the Victorian age: But at noon came the keepers, or owners, of the vineyard and found us sleeping: In he set out on an expedition in the ship Dainty, sailed down the Brazilian coast and through the Strait of Magellan, plundered Valparaiso, and took a number of prizes.

The Spanish general sent his glove as a pledge to give life and liberty, but he had been detained lest he should return and molest the Spaniards.

Sir Richard Hawkins

For Essex was at sea with a large fleet on the lookout for the treasure-fleet. Hawkins' account of the Straits of Magellan - with their twists and turns like a river, broadening then narrowing, the few people they sighted, the relics of the Spanish posts that had been placed there to keep interlopers out - is the most readable I know.

The season in which it was possible to pass through the Straits at all was a short one; the greatest difficulty was getting out at the western end, for the wind mostly came from the west and blew ships back within sight of the outlet.

Item I give unto Mr John Cowte twentie shillinges. He, 'being a whitelivered fellow, brought them to the tree where I was'; they levelled their pieces at him to force him down. Two horsemen caught up with them, who gave the alarm.

Sir Richard Hawkins

Inhe set sail with three ships for the Caribbean via Sierra Leone. The English were not going to sit down under this sentence of exclusion; to the Spaniards they were all pirates.

They asked if the couple were those who had broken prison, for four men on horseback were coming along the road searching for them.

He was also appointed to attend a conference with the Lords on the Union 14 April. We learn from the town archives in that he returned 'the week before Christ-tide' - we note the Puritan inflexion of the phrase.

She considered the pirates to be fighting her battles with Spain and Portugal at their own cost and risk. Richard Hawkins commanded the Swallow in the defeat of the Spanish Armada inand he is mentioned as greatly distinguishing himself during the many engagements which ended in the total destruction of that great fleet.

John Hawkins (naval commander)

Wherewith Captain Borgen, being dismayed, durst not follow me, thinking me to be dead in the street He was also the last member of the remarkable dynasty that made Plymouth what it became in the Sixteenth Century: He just missed it, and the treasure-ships were able to take shelter under the guns of impregnable Terceira.

But at noon came the keepers, or owners, of the vineyard and found us sleeping: Provided allwaies that if my son John refuse to bee my Executor it shalbe lawfull for my brother Lewes Heale and my brother Nicholas Heale and my brother Nicholas Gilbert, whom I doe appoint my Overseers to sell any or all my goods and Chattells for payment of my debts and legacies, and then what remaines I doe give unto my two daughters Joane and Mary.

Hawkins also introduced detachable topmasts; they could be hoisted and used in good weather and stowed in heavy seas. Vastly outnumbered, Hawkins and his crew of 75 held out for three days in a fierce battle; finally, a badly wounded Hawkins surrendered on condition that his surviving men would be sent back to England.

His ships were " race-built ", being longer and with forecastle and aftcastle or poop greatly reduced in size.

Jobson, undeterred, persisted with his investigation well into the autumn. Hawkins' father had served under King Philip in Queen Mary's reign, and had been taken prisoner by the French, who demanded a ransom of 10, crowns, which would have ruined him, had he not broken prison and escaped.

HAWKINS, Sir Richard (c.1560-1622), of Plymouth, Devon; later of Slapton, Devon

No doubt Sir Richard found Slapton a convenient centre for the discharge of his duties as Vice-Admiral of Devon, in the exercise of which he was, however, constantly at his house in Plymouth, where most of his children were born.

It is likely that his fine was remitted; he was soon out of prison, and continued as Vice Admiral of Devon. In they were tested against the Spanish Armada. Hawkins was hopelessly outmatched, but Dainty's crew defended her with gallantry.

Of the Hawkins family three generations produced men of mark. Biography.

Richard Hawkins

THIS ENTIRE BIOGRAPHY IS INCORRECT AND BELONGS TO A DIFFERENT RICHARD HAWKINS. Richard Hawkins, the second son of Admiral Sir Richard Hawkins and Judith Hele was born at Slapton, Devon, England.

Sir David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D., is an internationally renowned psychiatrist, consciousness researcher, spiritual lecturer, and mystic. Author of more than eight books, including the bestseller Power vs. Force, Dr.

Hawkins’s work has been translated into more than 17 languages. John Hawkins was a 16th century British naval commander and slave trader who entered into conflict with Spain.

Richard Dawkins

Born in in Plymouth, England, John Hawkins established himself as a merchant and. Sir Richard Hawkins, Hawkins also spelled Hawkyns, (born c. —died April 18,London), English seaman and adventurer whose Observations in His Voyage Into the South Sea () gives the best extant idea of Elizabethan life at sea and was used by Charles Kingsley for Westward Ho!.

Sir Richard Hawkins was his son by his first wife, Katherine Gonson, daughter of the previous Treasurer of the Navy. Richard was born inand first appears in his uncle William's successful voyage ofwhich returned with rich booty from Spanish captures, sugar and hides, pearls and some treasure.

Richard Hawkins, the second son of Admiral Sir Richard Hawkins and Judith Hele was born at Slapton, Devon, England. The old Register at Slapton Parish Church is much worm-eaten, and many pages are missing, but his baptism date of Jan 13at Slapton Devon, England survived.

Sir richard hawkins a biography
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