Safe standing should be reintroduced to football matches

Football, saturday afternoons, 3pm, both televised and not. Read More Safe standing campaign set for breakthrough as government may shift policy After reaching 10, signatures, the petition received a response from the government, with a statement from the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport reading: The Premier League argue that stadiums have been family-friendly and largely full in the all-seat era, and the police say seated crowds are easier to monitor and control.

Changes that would make our watching of football more enjoyable, and which might encourage more and more people to go to football matches.

Connstates that seating has never actually been compulsory in Scottish football. How sane is that. If you want one reason why we go on and on about refs here it is: The researcher must make sure none of these affect the results obtained.

Slaterstates that the calls for safe standing areas to be introduced into Scottish football however are growing. All seater stadia and improved facilities have made it more comfortable for the spectator which has increased the number of women and children attending matches, which some believe has led to the downfall of atmospheres at a number of Scottish football grounds.

Participants will have the choice of whether or not they wish to participate in the survey. Atmosphere also has a major influence on the majority of participants who feel that if a standing section was Page 39 introduced it was help to increase the atmosphere at matches, with many willing to be involved with this.

Villa have gone as far as identifying a corner of Villa Park where a trial could take place — if they were allowed. It certainly looks like things might be coming to a head regarding safe standing — and if EFL chief executive Shaun Harvey is to be believed, it could be introduced as early as next year.

Standing in all divisions of English football by the start of the season is a realistic aim. Like us on Facebook. It is really annoying if some massive wall of meat keeps obscuring your sight of the game by getting to their feet, but if you do likewise, you risk being the same problem for someone else.

Read More Could rail seating actually improve safety at stadiums like Anfield. Especially after they would need to pay for the installation of the section and stuff.

Should Premier League adopt Safe Standing?

Robson highlights four threats to reliability: Although most participants answered appropriately, there were a number who answered inappropriately. Bryman explains triangulation as 'the use of two or more independent sources of data to corroborate research findings within a study'.

The long-running debate as to whether standing should be re-introduced to the top two leagues of English football has gathered significant momentum over the last year, with a petition regarding the issue gaining oversignatures.

This allows a comparison to be established and will assist in gaining an overall opinion of whether fans wish safe standing sections to be introduced within Scottish football.

Cockney Latic -

Swan shows how at a recent match between Aberdeen and Motherwell; the Motherwell fans were ejected from the stadium for consistently standing Appendix 2. As football becomes more corporate, so do fans. Fans are progressively realising that with increased comfort comes increased prices.

This single statement is consistent with the overall information which has been gathered from the literature and enhances the argument for the introduction of safe standing sections.

Football League expects safe standing to be permitted by 2019-20 season

This adds validity to the study as it investigates three different opinions. Page 34 The data would appear to show that for many the introduction of safe standing and the possibility of cheaper tickets would appeal to participants.

Standing sections at football stadiums could soon return Image: It might not sound like it, but the 70s were more innocent days.

Martinson demonstrates how more women and children can now be seen attending football matches than ever before due to the increased level of Page 12 safety and comfort available at games with the recent example being set in Turkey.

We might even turn it into the Untold Manifesto. The altruism of local barons running teams now replaced by globally detached billionaires. Erm obviously as there are 5 of you here it would be appreciated if you could raise your hand before speaking as the recording device may struggle to pick up 2 voices at once.

A total of one hundred and fifty one participants completed the quantitative survey which was set up using surveymonkey 1. Age, atmosphere and who participants attended matches with were key factors which influenced their opinions and attitudes on the topic. It marks a shift from the statement by Helen Grant, the last sports minister, two years ago, that "all-seater stadia is the best way to ensure the safety, security and comfort of spectators at football grounds".

This resulted in a capacity crowd attending their next match, without a male present. With hospitality boxes, restaurants and hotels all within or surrounding the modern day football stadium, it attracts a different type of supporter. But, in Scotland - which is not covered by England's all-seater rules - Celtic have been given permission to test out the design, which allows the seats to be unlocked and tipped up to create standing room.

Standing at top English football matches could be brought back if a trial in Scotland is successful, the Sports Minister has revealed. Tracey Crouch is ready to "reassess" the ban on standing sections - introduced after the deaths of 96 Liverpool supporters in the Hillsborough disaster - based on "the Scottish experience".

Spectators could be allowed to watch matches from “safe standing areas” at major football grounds in England and Wales following a change of heart by ministers. All-seater stadiums have been. Feb 04,  · Obviously almost everyone expects huge bloodbaths once safe standing is reintroduced to top flight football.

Obviously almost everyone expects huge bloodbaths once safe standing is reintroduced to top flight football.

Standing sections in English football: should they be reintroduced or not?

quite simply, have no facilities for standing for the last three rows of the terrace / barrier them off for matches at. You would concede, though, that Scottish football should have a main sponsor.

"Of course, and the work continues to find the right sponsor at the right value. It's very easy to give any property away. The government’s review of the legal ban on standing at Premier League and Championship matches will consider new research into all aspects of the prohibition, including the safety of modern standing areas and whether their introduction really will lead to clubs lowering their ticket prices.

Dec 27,  · Football League canvasses its clubs about introducing 'safe standing' Findings of the Football League consultation will be presented at its next .

Safe standing should be reintroduced to football matches
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Standing sections in football stadiums could be reintroduced in England and Wales -