Fitter snacker erp case

The master record consists of individual views and the individual views are presented in the form of tabbed pages. Or use it to upload your own PowerPoint slides so you can share them with your teachers, class, students, bosses, employees, customers, potential investors or the world.

General Data Click on Purch. If it is no longer available, what is a good replacement for it.

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View more on this topic or Ask a question 4 replies. Product development is the most critical element of GBI s past and future growth. Check the inventory and accounting records Click Next Screen Create Vendor: Examine the chart of accounts 2.

Production Logistics and ERP - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

There are a couple of fixes needed for the ECC 6. Task 11 Receive the Invoice from the Vendor The vendor sends the invoice for the delivered goods and we need to recognize the receipt of the invoice in the system.

Accounting Information Accounting Rec. Also, the Marshall Fitter snacker erp case case does not seem to be available either -- I cannot find a reference to it in the UA site.

As you should already know, the chart of accounts is of central importance to any accounting information system. This account is a special suspense or temporary account. Remember, as discussed previously, these steps are typically completed by more than one person so that proper segregation of duties is maintained.

After that, I would like them to do another case without detaied instructions to do some configuraiton, produciton, purchasing, sellling like Marshall Muffler. And, best of all, most of its cool features are free and easy to use. What I would like is a series of exercises that takes students through some configuraiton, and then forecasting, production, purchasing, selling like the Fitter Snaker configuration.

For this assignment the company code will be USXX. Write down the journal entries that the system made For all of the following work, you will use your own company code.

If the company code shown is not your company code select Edit Switch company code and enter your company code. Configuration is done in the IMG implementation guide. Select Item OK at the bottom of the screen to confirm the receipt.

Click Next Screen or Enter to go to next view Note the error and then change the time zone back to the correct value of PST and click the enter icon.

Examine the bank account a real account and cost of goods sold a nominal account and find what attribute the system needs to know to do the closing using each of these two accounts as examples Bank Account: Create a purchasing information record to link the vendor and material 6.

Task 15 Write down the system-generated journal entries By using the information contained within the table in task 6, construct all of the journal entries that were made by SAP for these transactions.

Replacements for FS and Marshall Muffler cases

The first thing you should notice is that there are more tabs than there were in our other view. Hence, the different people involved in the business process would have unique authorizations set up in the system and few, if any, people would be allowed to execute all of the roles that you will assume in this assignment.

Be sure to use only your assigned SAP number. Now let s examine the general ledger accounts a bit more closely. GBI s riders demand the highest level of quality, toughness and performance from their bikes and accessories.

As we stressed in this course, the segregation of duties is a very strong control. Bank Account and Cost of Goods Sold. Fitter Snacker is a medium size company, employing employees.

It operates 3 factories (plants) which are based in 3 different cities and produces snack bars. The company sells two types of snack bars. NRG-A and NRG-B. Each bar contains the following i. If Fitter installs an ERP system, how could they reorganize their sales division to be more efficient?

Topic: Using your critical thinking/analytical skills please complete the following and submit in the week 3 module in the assignment folder entitled Week 3 Case.

• Argue about the usefulness of an ERP system, lead the package selection process and have an overview of the ERP implantation process. • Design a pilot process using SAP terminology in order to show the functionality of either the production planning (PP), controlling (CO) or logistics (LO) process within the fitter snacker case study.

View Notes - Problems with Fitter Snacker (week 6) from ITM at Ryerson University. Problems with Fitter Snackers sale process Many of fitters sales orders have problems such as incorrect pricing,86%(7). Topic: Using your critical thinking/analytical skills please complete the following and submit in the week 3 module in the assignment folder entitled Week 3 Case Review/Analysis: 1.

Assume you are Fitter Snacker’s new marketing manager, hired to clean up some of the company’s problems, as outlined in the beginning of Chapter 3. The Fitter Snacker company sold 6, cases of snack bars in June of the previous year.

They are expecting sales to increase by 3% this year. In addition, they are launching a promotional campaign in May, which they expect will increase sales in June by an additional cases.

Fitter snacker erp case
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Replacements for FS and Marshall Muffler cases