Dangers of landmines

The Hidden Dangers of Land Mines

These meetings provide a forum to report on what has been accomplished, indicate where additional work is needed and seek any assistance they may require. In total governments attended the Conference and signed the Convention at the Conference Kenya nr.

The number of states abstaining has ranged from a high of 23 in and to a low of 17 in and This can happen because Psychological support for children experiencing trauma is Dangers of landmines available while the psychological effects linger for many years and sometimes for the rest of their lives.

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More Information Civilians as casualties — long after conflict has ended Mines can remain active long after conflicts have ended. It was on K-5 that Yan Srey Yen was first exposed to the horrors of landmines. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. And whenever roads are built, more people move in to these areas, exposing them to the dangers of landmines.

RE activities increased significantly in Yemen and Somaliland, and also increased to some degree in 10 other states. The treaty also calls on States Parties to provide assistance to mine-affected persons in their own country and to provide assistance to other countries in meeting their treaty obligations.

At the time, there were believed to be 10 million landmines in country — or more mines than people. At an expert meeting of the European Union Dr. The Pope and the Bomb: Critics alleged that this represented a challenge to the sovereignty and responsibility of nation states for the defense of their citizens.

People have died within a few feet of mine openings. Nic Dunlop reports from one of the world's largest minefields. In MayTunisia became the eleventh State Party to formally declare completion of clearance obligations under the treaty.

Dangers of Abandoned Mines

Both cities look peaceful today, but their museums contain stark images of destruction — bodies charred and burned, others so quickly incinerated that only their shadows etched on stone remain, and survivors severely disfigured by radiation exposure.

Discuss What do you think might happen to landmine survivors and their families?. In addition, landmines often make the land unusable until the mines are cleared. This means that people who depend on the surrounding region for their livelihoods may have to find alternatives ways of life.

Parental Notification Needed in Title X Program

Clearing landmines can be painstaking, slow, and very dangerous. Photos: Left: US soldiers clear landmines in Iraq. Landmine danger is not caused by the manufacturers or users of landmines, but by the existence of situations where countries feel threatened enough to have to use landmines to protect their people.

Instead of fighting to stop the use of landmines, we should fight to solve the problems that cause countries to use landmines. Find out about the possible dangers of landmines, poor air quality, driving, laws & other issues!

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Clearing Cambodia's leftover landmines: A dangerous job

Find out about the possible dangers of landmines, poor air quality, driving and laws. Anti-Personnel Landmines: Recognising & Disarming (Brassey's Essential Guides) [Eddie Banks] on hazemagmaroc.com *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

This volume illustrates and describes all known anti-personnel landmines that have been produced, are available or have been used in battlefields and areas of conflict worldwide. It. MgM - People against Landmines. Since the humanitarian organization People against Landmines (Menschen gegen Minen) is working on deming projects and projects of infrastructural rehablitationin in dangerous post-war scenarios in the Southern Africa.

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Dangers of landmines
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