Can telling lies ever be justified essay

But faithful Mormons used the Can telling lies ever be justified essay themselves to describe the "right" version of polygamy before and after their exodus to Salt Lake. Perhaps the best way to sum up the argument is to quote a sensitive and humane physician on this topic: Well, the truth is we all lie, maybe not maliciously, but Joseph deceived Emma when he married two other women probably Martha McBride Knight and Ruth Vose Sayers without her knowledge or consent in the winter of Sometimes they spoke in an audible voice, and sometimes they spoke in a quiet voice or feeling in his mind and heart.

Radical advocates of patient autonomy tend to eliminate physician or nurse discretion and simply require that "everything be revealed" because "only the patient can determine what is appropriate. Part of his letter read like a manifesto for situational ethics that modern LDS leaders condemn: Not every instance of killing a person, however, is murder.

The whole profesion is discredited. It evolved after years of creative editing. LDS Historians are threatened and sometimes excommunicated if they publish an objective history rather than a faith promoting version if they are employed for the church.

You can go where you please, and get another but be sure to get one of your own kindred spirit. Cannon appears to have entered into a concubinage-like relationship with Amelia Madsen one year before his death and well after the Manifesto was presented.

The image of the legal profession portrayed in this film was sickening. Joseph had taught Bennett the principle, and the signatories knew it.

Do you think telling lies is ever justified?

Unemployment, currently standing at 3m plus, is another aggravating factor. Similarly, in the case of a lie Annanias and Sapphira, Acts 5 there is an unjustified discrepancy between what you believe and what you say, and so lying is always wrong.

The Changing World of Mormonism, p. The paper claimed something hard to refute; that it was impossible "for a Mormon Elder to be a new polygamist without at the same time being a liar. A doctor can do even greater harm because not being honest damages the climate of trust within the profession.

The LDS church consistently describes in sermons and paintings, the visitation of an angel named Moroni pronounced More-oh-nye to Joseph Smith on September 21, The church consciously led members believe that the official history was written by Joseph Smith. She testified that she "roomed" with Joseph while Emma was somewhere else in the house on the night of their second marriage.

Baker Book House,chapter 7.

Essay: Arguments against the Death Penalty

Family members rather than the patient are given medical information, especially threatening information like a fatal diagnosis. Medical ethics requires respect for cultural practices because these are closely related to respect for individual patients.

It would seem inconceivable to most investigators and perhaps many members that Joseph's brothers sleeping in the same room and bed would not have been awakened by the events as described by Joseph. Carmon Hardy has written, "In addition to semantic usages such as union and sealing, thus permitting denials of plural marriage, reference has also been made to instances involving the marrying of two wives on the same day; reliance on the fact that women were always sealed to men, allowing their husbands to deny that they had married polygamously; use of proxies; marrying a new wife legally, after the death of a prior legal spouse, while maintaining relationships with earlier plurals; the performance of ceremonies at sea or in foreign countries; and resort to concubinage.

It's easier for the normal reader to locate information in this way. Important as it is for patients and doctors, however, honesty has been neither a major concern in medical ethics nor an important value for doctors.

Apostle John Taylor admitted to church members in Nephi, Utah that the statements made in Washington were a "dd lie. Anyway, dress is a matter of opinion rather than of fact, and what does it matter. Telling the truth in a clinical context is an ethical obligation but determining just what constitutes the truth remains a clinical judgment.

Society consists of an aggregate of families. Traditionally the doctor did not tell the truth lest the patient be harmed. For further study, see Norman L. The plates were imagined in two groups of four, not all 8 together as popularized in church paintings. Want to know more. In practice, it is often too easy to justify a lie, when we are only really trying to serve our own interests.

How could he be a prophet of God, the leader of the Restored Church to these tens of thousands, if he had been the superstitious fraud which 'the pages from a book' declared he confessed to be?.

Contrary to what many physicians have thought in the past, a number of studies have demonstrated that patients do want their physicians to tell them the truth about diagnosis, prognosis, and therapy.

For instance, 90% of patients surveyed said they would want to be told of a diagnosis of cancer or. You can be virtually free from lying and still be unregenerate and bound to sin because there are plenty of cultural and personal incentives to tell the truth that have nothing to do with God.

It isn’t necessarily holy to want a reputation of dependability—to be known as a person whose word is as good as an oath. The Definition of Lying and Deception First published Thu Feb 21, ; substantive revision Fri Dec 25, Questions central to the philosophical discussion of lying to others and other-deception (interpersonal deceiving) may be divided into two kinds.

Lying vs. Telling the Truth by Dave Myers People come up with a lot of reasons to lie, but there are even stronger reasons to tell the truth—always.

(The essay on Lying for the Lord in Hardy's appendix is masterful and yet compassionate.) Blood of the Prophets: Brigham Young and the Massacre at Mountain Meadows, University of Oklahoma Press, Norman, OKoffers insight into the minds of other church leaders who.

The creation or development of self-esteem is the motivation behind discipline, whether self-imposed or not. Pride is the main factor impelling us to make the most of our lives and to fulfill our perceived actual or potential role in society.

Can telling lies ever be justified essay
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