Animal testing of products can save lives

Two of the most commonly used toxicity tests are the Draize test and the LD50 test, both of which are infamous for the intense pain and suffering they inflect upon experimental animals.

Safety and efficacy testing of the first hepatitis B vaccine also was done at the Institute. However, many people believe that animal testing is justified because the animals are sacrificed to make products safer for human use and consumption.

Why do animal research?

Products with this logo are marketed by companies that have agreed to not conduct or commission animal tests or use any ingredient that is tested on animals www.

Their decisions are made for them because they cannot vocalize their own preferences and choices. Does the drug cause cancer, which may take 20 years to develop.

Therefore, animal experimentation should be stopped because it violates the rights of animals.

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The more thanpeople with arthritis who each year receive hip replacements would walk only with great pain and difficulty or be confined to wheelchairs. Animal research has saved lives, extended life expectancy, and improved the quality of life for both humans and animals by enabling scientists to conduct critical experiments that identified ways to prevent, treat, and cure disease.

You may wonder why two different animal species are used for testing at this stage.

Animal-test Research Has Saved Many Human Lives

In the Name of Science: Therefore, animal experimentation should be stopped because it violates the rights of animals. The so-called "nude mouse" -- lacking a functioning immune system -- has become an incredibly important model for understanding cancer suppression. Before the discovery of antibacterial agents like prontosil and other antibioticsmany bacterial infections such as pneumonia were fatal.

Risks are not morally transferable to those who do not choose to take them" qtd. Science, Medicine, and Animals. Sometimes, drugs will fail in clinical tests because the animal tests did not accurately predict their effects in humans.

Another alternative to this test is a product called Eyetex. The use of immunoglobulin injections to protect against hepatitis A was developed in chimpanzees.

As a result of these findings, taurine is added to human infant formulas, resulting in the prevention of blindness. This modern medicine can save the lives of women with breast cancer. Animals feel pain in many of the same ways that humans do; in fact, their reactions to pain are virtually identical both humans and animals scream, for example.

Although humans often benefit from successful animal research, the pain, the suffering, and the deaths of animals are not worth the possible human benefits. Works Cited Against Animal Testing. The water is within 1 cm of the small flower pot bottom platform where the rat sits.

For example, the chimpanzee is the only animal besides man that is susceptible to infection with hepatitis B and hepatitis C viruses.

The Draize test has been criticized for being unreliable and a needless waste of animal life. Drug companies test for mutagenicity ability to cause genetic changes and carcinogenicity ability to cause cancer.

But she thought again when I pointed out that both of our children had had the meningitis vaccine. Mutants are created by adding transposons into their genomesor specific genes are deleted by gene targeting.

The harm that is committed against animals should not be minimized because they are not considered to be "human. On the subject of analgesics used to relieve pain, the Guide states "The selection of the most appropriate analgesic or anesthetic should reflect professional judgment as to which best meets clinical and humane requirements without compromising the scientific aspects of the research protocol".

Research on the sexual behavior of animals has made it possible to breed many species in captivity, enabling endangered species to be reintroduced to the wild.

Jeffrey and Lonette Stayton Awards for Writing Using animals in research and to test the safety of products has been a topic of heated debate for decades. Hepatitis B Vaccine Much of the work involved in developing a hepatitis B vaccine was done with chimpanzees at Texas Biomed.

About Animal Testing

Many of the drugs that are proving to be effective in combating AIDS were tested in nonhuman primates. Fruit flies, nematode worms, mice and rats together account for the vast majority, though small numbers of other species are used, ranging from sea slugs through to armadillos.

For instance, a clear majority of people are against the use of animals for testing cosmetics and personal care products. However, if the research is claimed to save or improve human lives, then opinions shift, even if those claims are hypothetical or baseless. Examples of animal tests include forcing mice and rats to inhale toxic fumes, force-feeding dogs pesticides, and dripping corrosive chemicals into rabbits’ sensitive eyes.

Even if a product harms animals, it can still be marketed to consumers. Products with this logo are marketed by companies that have agreed to not conduct or commission animal tests or use any ingredient that is tested on animals ( This pledge is backed up by independent audits to ensure neither the product or its individual ingredients is tested on animals.

The traditional testing of chemicals using animals can take up to five years per substance and cost millions of dollars, while non-animal alternatives can test hundreds of chemicals in. Pacemakers, artificial joints, organ transplants, and chemotherapy are just a few of the breakthroughs made in veterinary medicine thanks to animal testing and research.

Vaccines Dogs, cats, sheep, and cattle are also living longer and healthier lives thanks to vaccines for rabies, distemper, parvo virus, hepatitis, anthrax, tetanus, and feline. The toxicity testing for many types of products still involves animal testing. Described in Table 1 below are some of the U.S.

regulatory agencies that have regulations requiring data to support product labeling and safety, largely based on animal toxicity test data, before certain types of products can .

Animal testing of products can save lives
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